Parking like a SuperHero

Finding a good parking place and wining the Lottery have, in most cities around Europe, the same probability. And when you do find one there is a high chance that this happens:



or this….



So what can we do to prevent this problems?

One option, very popular especially in N-W Europe could be to use a bike for short distances and public transport for long distances. I support this idea, however it presents some challenges especially without proper infrastructure.

Another option could be to share a car with friends to reduce the number of cars on the road. Off course if you have a family of 4 and you have to drive your kids to school this is maybe not the best option.

Fortunately if none of the options above works for you, there is another solution, inspired most likely by superhero movies like Batman or Ironman.



The system is based on hydraulic pistons that lower or raise the platform and can accommodate most types of cars available on the market including large SUV’s.

This will keep your car safe, have minimum impact on landscape, provide more space for the second Porsche and make you look like a superhero.

So even if you want to start using a bike or continue using a car there is always a solution.

The choice is always yours.

Best regards,


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