Small actions that can lead to HUGE energy savings


In the E.U. around 26% of the total energy is consumed by private households. So if you apply some small changes to your home you can really make an impact in the overall energy consumption.

You can start making your house more eco-friendly by following this simple tips:

Change your light bulbs with new high efficient ones. This can lead to a saving of up to 30% in your electricity bill.

Turn down your thermostat with 1 degree. You won’t be able to tell the difference and you will see a saving at the end of the month. The recommended habitat temperature is 20-21 degrees Celsius.

Buy A+ rating appliances in order to save electricity and instead of leaving them on stand-by try turning them off when you leave the house. This will not only save you money but provide more quality to your lifestyle.

Improve the building shell (air sealing) and insulation of your building. Proper insulation plays a very important role in energy-saving and CO2 emissions.. A well-insulated home is also easier to sell because lower utility costs are an attractive selling point for buyers. Where does the heat go? 35% is lost true walls, 25% through windows, 25% through the roof and15% through the floor.

Go for solar heating instead of wood, gas, or coal boilers. This will protect the environment and after the initial investment the cost for heating will be close to zero.

If you have any other ideas to improve the energy efficiency your comments are always welcomed.

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