Wind Power for your home


Wind Power for your home

Small Wind turbines are used mainly for small installations and can have a rated power between 300 W and 50 kV.  The majority of small turbines are horizontal axis turbines but vertical axis turbines are a growing type in the market. The rotor diameter of a small machine can range from 2 m to 8 m.

Turbines are usually mounted on towers in order to raise them above any obstacles. It is recommended that the turbine is raised with at least 9 m above the highest obstacle on a 200 m radius. So if you have a 10 m high house you should consider mounting your wind generator at 20 m above the ground. The effect of nearby obstacles needs to be taken into consideration not only for performance reasons but also for safety reasons because turbulence and vibration caused by the nearest obstacles can cause system failure.

Installation on rooftops can be taken into consideration but a strength analysis of the roof structure and the building structure needs to be made in order to ensure safe operation. Rooftop systems in cities rarely produce enough electricity.

In order to produce electricity even in high winds a dynamic braking system that regulates the speed by dumping excess energy is used. The dynamic braking resistor may be installed inside the building to provide heat (during high winds when more heat is lost by the building).

When choosing a location for a small wind turbine, additional to the wind data, in Romania you also need to align with “Norma tehnica 51” issued by Transelectrica in order to ensure the safety distances from roads and other building.

In order to support small scale installation the Romanian government has introduced the following regulations in Law nr. 220/2008 modified by Law 139/2010 and OUG 88/2011:

1. For producer with installed capacity of less than 1 MW a feed in tariff for electricity produced from renewable sources will be announced by ANRE.

2. Private owners with installed capacities of under 50 KW and public authorities can request their utilities provider to receive a compensation for the difference between electricity delivered to the grid and electricity consumed from the grid.

A small wind turbine can be the best option to cover your home energy needs in windy areas free from obstacles.

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