The basics of a green building


A green building is constructed using eco-friendly processes and is resource-efficient throughout it’s life cycle.

The main objectives of a green building are:

-reducing pollution

-efficiently usage of energy and water


In Romania the interest for energy efficient buildings is increasing do to higher cost for gas,electricity and water.

The Romanian government supports individuals that want to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings with “Casa Verde” program.

The maximum grants paid by these program are:

-6.000 RON (approx. 1.200 EUR) for solar panels.

-8.000 RON (approx. 1800 EUR) for heat pumps.

-6.000 RON (approx. 1200 EUR) for thermal power plant that use pellets, wood chips, and all kinds of bio-mass.

Also Romania in accordance with European Union laws has committed true the “Energy strategy 2007-2020” to increase the share of renewable energy in the total energy consumption to 35% in 2015 and  38% in 2020.

In order to achieve this goals Romania adopted the green certificate support scheme presented in Law nr. 220/2008 modified by Law 139/2010 and approved by the European Commission.

The future looks green in Romania and hopefully buildings will be to.

Any questions or ideas related to this topic are welcomed.

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